Jackson's Blessed Baptism

I'm so excited to share the pictures from Jackson's baptism so get ready for overload!  There are just so many amazing shots.

I think because Jack is our final baby his baptism was extra special.  I was able to really savor the sacrament and truly appreciate it.  We were so lucky because his baptism was private which made it so intimate.  It made my heart so content to have our family surrounding him on such a beautiful day.

For anyone that knows me you know how much I love throwing a party, bringing a theme to life and sharing all the details.  As much as I love entertaining I also like to keep things simple because I don't have endless time or money.  For Jack's baptism I wanted a natural theme that included succulents and eucalyptus.  

I used metal rings and wrapped eucalyptus around them.  I didn't use anything to attach them to the ring just wrapped several strands around the ring.  I found out the hard way that you can't do this ahead of time.  I first did it about 36 hours prior to the party and they wilted so I had to get fresh eucalyptus the day of the party.  The wreaths hung above a table with a bible and a sign.  The bible is intended as a gift to Jack on his confirmation when he is a teenager.  All of our guests signed the bible and highlighted their favorite verse.  I warned everyone ahead of time to find their favorite verse and keep it in mind so that people were prepared.

For the food table I lined the center with eucalyptus and had a "naked" cake as the centerpiece.  The beautiful yet simple cake was done by Kaja's Kreations whom I've used for several years.  She also did these amazing cookies for our guests which I placed on tree stump chargers.  Not only is her work amazing but delicious and I'm always extremely impressed.  The final touches to the table were a chalkboard and the adorable tableware from Geese & Ganders.  Belena of Geese & Ganders made it so simple by sending me a mood and idea board to select from.  I gave her the theme and she quickly came back with ideas.  We decided on green patterns and naturals to tie into the theme.  What I love about this shop is the unique and detailed items you can find.

It's hard to see here but Jack is laying on his personalized blanket from his Godmother along with the baptismal towel and candle I purchased in Fatima, Portugal in 2005.  All three of our children used the candle and towel.  Jackson's precious outfit was from Vickye Lyn Designs.  It was soft and comfortable for Jack and was simple yet had enough detail to be special enough for his baptism.

After the party it was time to write thank you cards.  I've always loved giving and receiving them but I hate writing them because my hand writing is so terrible.  Postable changed that for me and has made the process such a breeze.  You can select from dozens of card options and then personalize each card per recipient.  I added a picture to Jackson's thank you cards but you don't have to.  I wrote notes to each guest and then Postable does all the addressing, stamping and mailing.  The process could not be easier and it saves me so much time as well as headache of handwriting the cards.  Postable doesn't only do thank you's; I've used them for our Christmas cards and you can do so much more.

"Bless this precious child Lord on this, his special day.  May angels walk beside him and guide him on his way.  May he always be surrounded with joy and peace and love and heavens richest blessings shower him from above.  May he grow in strength and wisdom.  May his friends be loyal and true and may he come to love you Lord and put his trust in you."

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