How to Make Back to School Simple but Exciting

My girls are still at the age where back to school is lots of fun.  I dread the day they dread going back to school.  Although my girls are very excited about school I have mixed feelings.  I'm excited to have them out of the house but I'm not looking forward to having to be up and at of the house by 7:45 every morning.  It's not that I ever sleep in but it's just a lot to get four people (self included) all ready by that time.  I also wish I lived in a world where Summer lasted all year round.  I love the warm weather, the play dates, the trips and all that Summer brings (minus the darn mosquito's).

So I have one hand tightly holding onto Summer and the other busily preparing for Back to School.  I saw a meme that other day that said there are 5 seasons in a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Back to School.  It made me laugh and it's so true.  There is so much hype around back to school and so much to check off the to-do list.  There are subscriptions for just about everything now a days so why can't there be a biannual subscription for school supplies.  Delivery would be in August and January to replenish all that has broken, gotten lost, etc.  I'm going off on a tangent but maybe this is something I need to invent.  Because it's a pain to online shop and run to several stores to get everything you need for your kids to be ready to go.

Until I invent a one stop shop for Back to School shopping you are left with the current situation.  Since that's not the easiest and most convenient I've tried to make it much simpler for you and round up everything I think your children need and what is the best (all while staying affordable because that's my mantra).

We always find backpacks and matching lunch pails from Viv & Lou.  They have great quality, cute designs, personalization options and unbeatable prices.  I especially love the amount of pockets and compartments in their backpacks.  Use Code: BTS20 for 20% off your order.  Their lunch pails are amazing because they fit a lunch and a water thermos.  We've had other lunch pails that were too small to hold everything.  This year we are going to try and save one million zip lock baggies and use bento boxes from Smart & Final.

We are also doing a lot of our stocking up for lunches at Smart & Final because you can buy in bulk.  Last year I created "snack" containers in our fridge and pantry.  It was life changing!  The girls can seriously help make their lunches because everything in the containers is approved.  It's a win-win because they always want to help and this way they feel like they get some control and independence and I have less to do.

When it comes to labeling all of their items I'm obsessed with Name Bubbles which are laundry and dishwasher safe labels.  They make this OCD, Type A mama with terrible hand-writing overly happy.  We used them last year and they truly are durable; the cute and custom designs are icing on the cake.  Use CODE: FRESNO20 for 20% off your order.

Probably the best part of Back to School shopping is the clothing.  However, my girls will both be in uniforms this year.  I still have to buy them uniforms and I do the majority of it at Children's Place because I can always find the best deals there (see links below for the deals I snagged).  Since my girls wear uniforms I try and do a few fun outfits for them (for nights, weekends and free dress days) so they can really be excited about their back to school clothes.  We found some of the cutest items from FabKids Clothes and they have the best deal on shoes right now.  The girls were beyond cute opening their packages from FabKids; they were over the moon about their new items.

Part of my BTS shopping is for the unsung hero's, the teachers!  I like to get a little something for each teacher as a thank you for all the hard work they are about to put into their students.  Teachers are some of the hardest working people on earth and I think they deserve gratitude and care.  We always find the cutest personalized gifts from Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts.  This year we picked out tumblers that say, "Get Your Cray On."  We are adding a Starbucks gift card and apple tote bag as well.  Some of my favorite gifts to give are personalized ones so I'm always in love with the options at Zoey's Attic.  You can find something for everyone including back to school shirts for your little ones.  I've done them in the past but didn't this year since the girls will wear uniforms their first day.

Be sure to enter my giveaway HERE for a $35 shop credit to Zoey's Attic.

Every year we fill out this Back to School Chalkboard and take a picture with it.  Although I'm in no hurry to rush time I can't wait to see all these pictures lined up over the years.

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