Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas

When Emily was the only child dressing her up for Halloween was fun but everything went to another level when I could coordinate sisters and then last year with Jack we made it a family affair.  So for several years I've loved planning costumes and to be honest with you I frequently coordinate their costumes with Emily's birthday parties since her birthday is one week after Halloween.  This way I'm killing two birds with one stone.

My kids are still at an age where I can "gently sway" them into costumes that I like or approve.  I start planting seeds and so far I've been very lucky and they've gone with my ideas.  I fear my days are numbered but I'm hanging on as long as I can.  Now that we have 2 girls and 1 boy it makes it a tad harder to come up with sibling costumes.  But, last year was our first year of doing so and we went as the Incredibles because it was just so natural as a family of five and we had our own Jack Jack.  I can't wait to share this years costumes but in the meantime here is what I've put together over the years.

Emily's first costume was a super easy DIY black cat.  I cut black tulle and tied it into a large black stretchy headband.  I used ribbon for the straps, kitty ears and a little eyeliner.

Her second Halloween she was the cutest bumble bee.

This was the year that I could finally coordinate the girls.  They were both Minnie Mouse.

Emily was obsessed with Frozen so of course the girls were Anna and Elsa.  I usually can't find anything in the stores that I like so I frequently have their costumes made locally.  Sadly this was the best photo I could find of the girls and their costumes.

Emily was Ariel from The Little Mermaid and since Madi was still too young to care I had a Sebastian the Crab costume made for her.  We laughed because it fit her personality!

The next year Emily asked to be Cinderella and Madi quickly wanted to be Ariel which totally worked for me because she fit in Emily's costume from the year before.

Our first year with adding a boy into the mix so we all dressed as The Incredibles.  We already had a Jack Jack so it seemed like the logical option.  This was also the first year I purchased costumes and you get what you pay for.  They literally fell apart before trick or treating.  This confirmed one reason why I love having their costumes made.  Not only do I get something custom and beyond adorable but the quality is also far superior.

Stay tuned for 2019 costumes!  What has been your favorite sibling or family costumes?

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