How to Create a Birthday Breakfast Tradition

Since Emily was very young I've thrown a small birthday breakfast to celebrate the day and it's become such a fun tradition.  It's very simple but makes the girls so happy and feel very special.  I almost always use our Re-Play tableware to add the pop of color to our kids table but sometimes I use paper goods.  In the past I've done a donut cake but this year I did a pink pancake tower with chocolate drizzle on top.

Since Emily's birthday party was a rainbow theme I continued that for her birthday breakfast.  I used several colors from our Re-Play set, chevron rainbow napkins that I had on hand, paper straws from Walmart, a garland from Target Dollar Spot, and an 8 balloon from Dollar Tree.

I suggest prepping as much as you can the night before.  After the kids go to sleep I always set up the table and prep food if possible.  Our morning are always crazy and we have very little time to get out the door.  In addition to setting the table, I made the pancakes the night before and I'm so glad I did because making the 8 pancakes took longer than I anticipated.  I stored them in the fridge and heated them up right before serving.  At that time I melted the yellow chocolate, added vegetable oil, and drizzled on top of the pancakes.  The final step was topping with rainbow sprinkles.

My hope is that my kids will look back on their childhood and be warmed by memories like these.  I also hope that they will carry on these traditions with their children.  

Here is a past birthday breakfast where I did a donut cake tower:

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