A Bright & Colorful St. Patty's Breakfast

St. Patrick's Day has become one of my favorite holidays because who doesn't love bright colors, rainbows, magic and a little luck?!?!  I always enjoy our holiday breakfasts but this one was extra fun to put together.  It was just the joy and light we needed in this crazy time.  We also got to enjoy it a bit more because we didn't have to race off to school (hello quarantine bonus).

The decor consisted of a rainbow balloon arch, gold coins, festive headbands, a rainbow cut out, and Re-Play tableware.  The "food" consisted of a candy board, rainbow treat bags, lucky leprechaun snacks, 3 leaf clover waffles and green milk. 

Making a balloon arch is very easy actually.  You only need a balloon pump, balloon deco strip, and balloons.  I have a hand balloon pump but an electric pump would be even better.  You blow up the balloons in various sizes, tie them off and set to the side.  Put one balloon in each hole on the strip.  My first arch I put two to three per hole because I wanted it to be really full and realized it was way too much.  You can hang the arch with tape or push pins.  Once you hang it up you can fill in with extra balloons by just taping one balloon to another. For reference I used 18 balloons to make this 4 foot arch.

To set the stage for all of our holiday breakfasts I use our adorable little table and colorful RePlay tableware.  The centerpiece was a rainbow candy board with gold Oreo coins.  I just simply sprayed the Oreo's with edible gold shimmer spray.  For additional color and fun I made two different rainbow treats.  I used pretzel treat bags and filled one set with marshmallows and fruit loops and the other with fake gold coins, marshmallows and rainbow gummy candies.  Another fun treat I made was Lucky Leprechaun snack mix that took me only a few minutes to prepare.  You can find the recipe HERE.  For the actual breakfast I made three leaf clover waffles with our heart waffle iron.  I just added a few drops of green food coloring to the mix and prepared in the iron but you must use a low heat seating or the waffles will turn brown.  I topped them with whip cream and Lucky Charms served with a side of green milk.

The girls always get such a kick out of our holiday brunches; they are no longer a surprise but none of the excitement has diminished.  I get just as much thrill as they do and hope I can continue these for many years!

A little leprechaun left the girls rainbow pajamas and a green streamer trail from the hallway to their breakfast table.  They were so excited for all the shenanigans and they later found green pee in the toilet.

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