Easter Crafts that Spread Love and Kindness

Easter time during Quarantine called for crafts.  Not only to keep us busy and entertained but more importantly as a way to connect with friends, family and those who are lonely.  One of the greatest gifts from Shelter in Place has been the ways that we are finding to connect and to spread love.  Our first craft was paper carrot feet.  We painted the girls feet, cut them out along with cutting strips of green card stock.  Glued the strips to the feet and then wrote Happy Easter on the front.  On the back the girls hand wrote this joke, "What did the rabbit say to the carrot?  It's been nice gnawing you."  They then sent blessings and signed the carrot card.  We mailed these to a few family members and then to a local retirement home.

Our second craft were making snickerdoodle cookies and making them into bunnies.  We hand delivered these to our neighbors with a gift tag that said, "We are HOPPING to see you soon! Love, The Foreman Family."

To make these you place cookies inside a cello gift bag and fold over and glue shut.  Then cut out the ears and use a hole punch for the nose.  Use hot glue to place ears, nose, pom pom tail and gift tag.  These took a little bit of time but they were also good for the girls to practice using scissors and fine motor skills.  

The girls got such joy taking a walk and delivering these to our neighbors front porches.  I loved seeing their excitement to give to others.

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