Put the ART in Party-Madison's Art Birthday Party

Madison requested an art party for her 8th birthday and so that's what our baby girl got.  I love a theme that calls for bright colors; it makes everything that much more fun and vibrant.  As many of you know I like to throw parties on a frugal budget.  I love sharing the details to show everyone that you don't have to sacrifice much.  You can throw a great party without an endless budget.

Since this was an art party I knew immediately I'd be hosting this one outside; no paint on our new flooring!!!  I wanted everything to be fun and vibrant so I picked bright primary colors.  All of the supplies were purchased from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Amazon.  

Every place setting had all the supplies for painting as well as eating.  I did a canvas with an apron tied around it and placed a paint palette and two paint brushes inside. I made the tags and hot glued them to the front with some cute ribbon.  Each guest also had a cupcake with a plate filled with goodies to decorate their own cupcake.

Did you know that you can custom order cakes and cupcakes from Walmart?  If you want something fairly simple, it's a great place to save a TON of money.  I always show them a picture of what I want and I've always been happy with the outcome and quality.  I just did a white cake with colored sprinkles and the cupcakes were in different rainbow colors.

I made all the food tags and I think they add so much to the decor.  In keeping with the theme, I did Creative Juices, Picasso Pizza, Paint Chips and Palette of Fruit.

On top of taking home the canvas, palette and apron each guest got a water color palette favor.  I kept them very simple with a homemade tag and ribbon.

Madison's dress was PERFECT for the party and it was a reasonable find at Amazon.

I love throwing parties; they fuel my creativity!  However, the greatest part of throwing a party is seeing how much my kids enjoy them.  Madi was over the top excited for this party and was so thankful for the work I put in.  It makes it all worth it to see her gratitude.


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