Healthy Breakfast Ideas By Mom That You Should Know

Are you a mom? Then health tops your mind for sure. You tend to multitask and manage time to ensure that you always serve healthy breakfast and other meals to your family. Breakfast is crucial for children, but often it gets rushed and compromised owing to the tight schedule of getting children dressed up for school and you being at work on time too. To help, the famous mom fashion influencer- Annie from The Foreman Five Breakfast brings you breakfast ideas by a mom that are healthy and ready in minutes. The kids will love them too!

Breakfast Ideas by Mom for Kids

Children are fond of routine and repetition; hence if you are serving something once or twice a week, they usually tend to enjoy and eat it, as shared by mom fashion influencer Annie who has great breakfast ideas by mom too for you. Let's explore them.

Breakfast ideas by mom 1: Snack Plate

Snack plates are great for breakfast. You can include cereal or crackers, protein like cheese, cottage cheese, egg, nut butter or fruit. It's easy, and at the same time, you can do variations too based on the likes of your child.

Breakfast ideas by mom 2: Smoothies

Annie, who has great recipe ideas and is a mom fashion influencer at, suggests that smoothies are a great way to ensure your child eats vegetables, fruits, proteins and fats for breakfast. Here is one smoothie receipt to get you started:

·         1 cup of milk

·         ½ cup frozen banana

·         ½ cup of fruit

·         ¼ cup veggies of your choice

·         one tablespoon of nut butter

Blend all the above ingredients in ½ cup of yoghurt and ta-da! Yoghurt Smoothie!

Breakfast ideas by mom 3: Cereal

Eating healthy cereals in the morning turns out to be great for kids. You can team it up with yoghurt, milk, or smoothie. It's a breakfast idea by a mom that kids love for sure.

Breakfast ideas by mom 4: Overnight Oats

This recipe by mom fashion influencer –Annie with oats combined with yoghurt, fruit, and carbohydrates and made ahead is relatively healthy. Moreover, this breakfast idea by mom turns out to be thick and nice, making it easy for kids to eat.

Breakfast ideas by mom 5: Whole Grain Pancakes

Pancakes made from whole grain are tasty, healthy and plentiful, topped with nut butter, cream cheese, or Greek yoghurt.

Breakfast ideas by mom 6: Whole Grain Waffles

Mix whole grains, protein, and healthy fats to make waffles. That is a great breakfast idea for moms that kids will love. You keep it in your freezer and warm it up quickly in the toaster oven or microwave. Get in touch with Annie on for healthy recipes and fashion tips, as she is an excellent fashion mom influencer.

Breakfast ideas by mom 7: Green peas sandwich

Green peas are packed with nutrients that support growth in children. They are full of fibre and protein. Make a yummy sandwich for kids for breakfast that has boiled and smashed peas mixed with cream and sauce. You can toast the sandwich to make it crunchier.

Breakfast ideas by mom 8: Eggs, Fruit, and a Whole Grain

Bake eggs and serve with fruit or vegetables or bread sticks—a super easy and healthy breakfast idea for mom.

Breakfast ideas by mom 9: Quesadillas

You need to warm cheese, snipped spinach, and beans in a tortilla and bam, and your breakfast is ready! You can also team it with sliced ham or scrambled eggs.

Breakfast ideas by mom 10: Sweet Potato Toast

Team up the toast with mashed roasted sweet potato or veggies and add little cinnamon on the top. Cut into cubes and let your kids enjoy.

Breakfast ideas by mom 11: Breakfast Cookies

Make some breakfast cookies! Team it up with protein from a glass of milk, a little cheese, or an egg.

Whether a child or adult, breakfast is the most important meal for the day, and these breakfast ideas for mom are a must-try! As the mom fashion influencer Annie who shares various breakfast recipes, says, 'when we sleep, we fast. Children need to break this fast with a healthy breakfast. It will fill them up with the required energy to face the day packed with a host of activities.

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