Pajaro Dunes Vacay

I go through spurts of blogging because my life is a little too hectic.  So today I'm going to try and get a few out.
My latest excuse for not blogging is moving.  First it's packing, then moving, then unpacking.  Plus we didn't have the internet for a week.  I should do a secondary post about Comcast; boy I hate them!!!!!  We still don't have TV and who knows when we will.


It seems like many moons ago we had our second annual trip to Pajaro Dunes. It was a week of much needed relaxation. (Now that I'm writing this I need this relaxation again!)  We played games, walked on the beach, collected sand dollars, and enjoyed yummy food.  We also went to The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  Em got to go on a few more rides this year and she loved them. This girl has no fear. Thanks Voa Voa for such a fun week!

This is what happens when you let a 21 month old dress herself!

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