Christmas 2013

Christmas Eve we went to mass and then we spent the evening at Kevin's grandparents which is an annual tradition.  We enjoyed a family dinner then opened gifts.  It's always a very fun night. 

Love my see thru top:(

When we got home we prepared our cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

Seeing where Santa will enter

Daddy reading the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Morning we woke up to presents and the milk, cookies, and carrots gone!

Emily telling us where Santa came and went.

We then went to Kevin's mom for Christmas breakfast and more gifts.

This picture kills me.  This totally sums up their relationship-Emily LOVES Jake-y and Jake's face says it all, lol!

This is her immediate reaction after planting a wet one on her cousin.

I could not believe that Emily opened her new scooter and jumped on and took off.  She's never even seen a scooter and she knew EXACTLY what to do.

Christmas Day evening we spent at my mom's house for a delicious meal and our final gifts.

Give this girl a cup and socks (below) and she's totally happy!

Swimming on Christmas:)  We got in Voa Voa's spa after gifts.

To end the night we sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.

We have so much to be thankful for.  It was a wonderful Christmas filled with faith, family, love, and laughter.  God Bless.

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