Whose Smarter...You or Your House?

Not too many years ago if you would have said I have a smart home people would have looked at you like you were crazy.  Isn't it funny how how technology and thus the lingo changes over time?  Now hearing smart home is a common term and something most people understand.  Up until last week we haven't had a smart home.  I was always the light Nazi; roaming around the house turning off lights after my husband and kids.  I had to be smarter than my house but all that has changed and I couldn't be more excited.  We recently upgraded our home with TP-Link Smart Plug, Smart Bulb, and Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.  The installation of all of these items are super easy and once installed you connect them to your phone thru their Kasa App.  After installation you can turn the lights or plugs off or on anywhere from your phone.  This last weekend I was out of town and was able to turn the lights on from my phone hundreds of miles away.  Not only do I love that we can save energy and money with TP-Link but I love the security even more.  We strategically placed our TP-Link items to areas that we would want to access remotely when away from our home.  So when we are away we can turn the lights off and on.  Thru the app you can also program the bulbs, plugs, and switches to go on and off whenever you want. The Smart Bulb was the most exciting for me because it can be set to millions(yes you read that right) of different colors, hues, and brightness.  You can also set the bulb to Circadian Mode which adjusts the intensity and temperates based on natural light patterns.  The bulb also uses 80% less energy than a 60W incandescent bulb without compromising quality.  Although we don't have Amazon Echo, Dot, Alexa, or Tap, TP-Link and Kasa can be voice activated through these devices; an extra step of cool!!!

You can see here how easy it was to install the Smart PlugSmart Bulb, and Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.  The switch only took a couple of minutes and the bulb and plug literally took seconds.

You may think that converting your house to a smart home is very expensive but with TP-Link you can do it very cost effectively.  The Smart Plug is $29.99, the Smart Bulb is $49.99, and the Smart Wi-Fi Light  is $39.99.  Even better TP-Link is offering you 20% off your purchase when you use the code TPLinkSmart now through December 31, 2016.  Visit their website right away to get on your way to making your home smarter than you!

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