Friday Favorites 11/18

Last weekend was the weekend of birthday parties and it was so much fun followed by a pretty fun week.  Friday night we celebrated a very dear family friend's birthday at the Manhattan.  Saturday we had my godson, Tucker's 1st birthday party.  I can't believe this little boy is 1 already.  He's the sweetest and most cuddly little guy.  The party was over the top cute and the kids had so much fun taking boat rides and getting their faces painted.  On Sunday we celebrated Emily's 5th birthday with a Little Mermaid party; all the details will be coming soon.  During the week Emily had to have a tooth pulled so the tooth fairy visited our house for the first time.  Over the summer she hit her tooth and over the past few months the tooth has changed colors.  It got worse in the past few weeks so we took a visit to the dentist.  An infection had started so she had to have it pulled.  The dentist gave us the option of having it pulled right away or if we weren't mentally prepared to come back.  I asked Emily if she wanted it now or later and she confidently said now!  The nurses and doctor commented how amazing she did and they couldn't believe how brave she was.  She received a few shots in her mouth and then had the tooth pulled.  She literally didn't flinch once.  She finished with a huge smile on her face.  Emily was thrilled to leave her tooth out and even more excited the next day when she found $2 under her pillow.
One of the highlights of the week was a hand lettering class from Deckeratedot with the ladies of Fresno Fab Females.  Pat of Beauty and the Brawn so graciously hosted us at her gorgeous home and we had the most fun night.  I still have a lot of practice but I did learn a lot.  If you are looking for fun night and something different to do you should contact Shelby for one of her classes.  Also you definitely need to check her out for some of the cutest home decor you've ever seen.  She also does amazing work for events like invitations, chalkboards, bar menus and more.  Thank you so much Shelby for a great class!

Some items received in exchange for this post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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