Getting Your House Winter Ready

Time is flying by and even though we've been having an Indian Summer the cold weather and winter season will be here before we know it.  Getting the house ready for the winter season is on our to-do list and we've been checking items off.  Preparing the house for a changing season helps protect your home and extend the life of many items.  Here is my list of top 5 ways to get ready for the chilly days and nights:

1. Have your heater serviced.
2. Flush your water heater.
3. Change your AC filters.
4. Pull your outdoor furniture cushions in.
5. Clean your rain gutters.

Fresnans, to help you with items 1-3 you absolutely need to call Lee's Air & Plumbing.  If you're like us we barely have time to tackle the daily checklist so hiring professionals to help us with getting the house ready for winter if almost necessary.  Not only do we not have much free time but this way we know it's getting handled by professionals.

Ernesto from Lee's handled our service and I was thoroughly impressed with his level of service.  He way very patient and explained not only the entire process but the how and why of the AC/ Heater and Water Heater.  He gave extremely useful tips on extending the life of the units and how to save on our PG&E bills.  These were all things that I didn't know and would assume most homeowners are unaware about.  Tips like using a cheaper air filter because the fancy ones are too restrictive on your unit.  It's like the AC is breathing through one nostril instead of two and so it has to work that much harder.  He also explained how to flush the water heater and why that is important.
Not only was Ernesto patient and knowledgeable he was also very diligent and courteous.  He came in and out of the house several times but he always stopped to put on booty covers.  Inside the house he was very cautious and laid drop cloths when necessary.  I knew that Ernesto was treating my house like his own.  At the end of the service Ernesto explained all of his findings and his recommendations for repairs and upgrades.  I received a personalized report about our units and the findings complete with photos.

May I recommend the Club Advantage Membership Program to you.  It is an annual membership that includes two services typically used in the spring and fall aimed to prepare your home for the coming seasons.  Each service covers replacing air filters, cleaning coils, cleaning out leaves and debris, checking Freon levels and a full inspection of the unit.  If Club Advantage Members have any issues throughout the year they have priority when scheduling appointments.  If parts are needed they are discounted and covered by a 1 year warranty.  In addition to the two services these members receive a free plumbing inspection once a year.  The cost of membership is $168 for one unit, $298 for two units and $398 for three units.

To get your membership check it out HERE.

This post is sponsored by Lee's . As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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