Savoring Summer- End of Summer Activities

Summer flew by and we still have several things to check off our Summer Fun Bucket List.  So we've been cramming in all the fun possible these last few days before school starts.  The fun included a fun day at The Island Waterpark, bowling and a picnic in the park.

It's been over 100 degrees almost our entire Summer so unfortunately that prohibits us from doing some of the items on our bucket list.  It's just too stinkin' hot for some of the outdoor activities but when it's this hot there's one place that's perfect....the waterpark.  We spent the day with friends at The Island this last week and seriously had the best time.  We have two waterparks in our area but this one is much closer to where we live.  We arrived right when they opened to beat the crowds. This is the last week that The Island will be open every day.  Starting August 13th they will be open on the weekends until September 4th.  Staff greeted us and started our day off with the most warm welcome. The hospitality continued throughout the day and was one of the reasons our experience was so wonderful.  We were escorted to a cabana around Ohana Bay which is the children's play zone.  I loved having a spot here because it was centrally located and where we spent most of our time since we have 2-5 year olds.  I totally recommend a cabana because then you have a guaranteed spot in the shade complete with lounge chairs, a table & chairs and your own personal staff the entire day. We never had to leave to order food, drinks or sweets.  

Madi say Cheese!!!!

Only in Summer can you have ice cream for dinner!  I'm not joking here!

Ohana Bay has something to offer children of all ages.  They can do everything from wade in the water to swiftly slide down one of the 3 big water slides.  Madi immediately spotted the big green slide and went down about 1000 times.  I went down myself to check it out and it had a thrill for sure so I couldn't believe Madi went down on her own with no one enticing her.  On the other hand, she's the craziest dare devil so I'm not sure why I was surprised.    Another point of fun and lots of laughter was the huge Tiki bucket at the top of Ohana Bay.  Every few minutes it DUMPED water over the entire structure.  Beware below because there is no staying dry if you are anywhere near.

Luckily, Emily is 42 inches tall so she and I got to tackle some of the big rides like Singapore Tsunami, Great Barrier Reef and Nature's Furies.  She also has no fear and loved the thrills of the slides.  I am so proud of my girls for always trying new things.  Everybody got to enjoy the wave pool at Bondi Beach and the Waimea Lazy River.  We had a wet and wild full day and it captured the true essence of Summer.  I can't convey how much fun we had and how you need to run to The Island if you haven't been yet this Summer.

Dippin Dots...good to the last lick!

When you're trying to beat the heat but still have fun try bowling.  We recently went with the extended family and it was fun for all.  Bumpers were involved and yet we all still had low scores but it isn't about the scores as much as it is about the laughter.  Madi in true form was the funniest and also the one who enjoyed it the most.  She wanted to go on everyone's turn and instead of rolling the ball she basically slammed it to the ground every time.  One play she threw two balls back to back taking out 9 pins total.  On her second "roll" grandma promised her a pony if she got a spare.  Her ball rolled less than 1 mph right along the bumper and then at the last SECOND it took a hard left and hit the pin resulting in a Spare.  We all were laughing and yelling.  I took videos all day but of course I missed this priceless moment.  Thank you Grandma for a fun filled day.

We've been trying to have a picnic in the park most of the Summer but again the heat was stopping us.  We bit the bullet this weekend and said we're going anyways.  If you go early enough it isn't too bad.  There's something about a picnic in the park that makes a special memory.  The food is the same as around our dinner table but a picnic is so exciting for my girls.  We invited friends for a picnic, feeding the ducks and playing on the playground.

Our Re-Play tableware amped up the picnic and has all the right pieces to complete the fun.  Re-Play pieces are made from recycled HDPE and Polypropylene plastics and are BPA and BPS free.  We've been using Re-Play pieces for over a year now and I love how durable they are including dishwasher safe.  My girls love them because of the fun colors.  They are also the only plates I've found with these divisions.  Most dividers have short walls and make it harder for my kids to corner and pick up the food.  Another one of my favorite items from Re-Play is the snack stacks.  Here I had one for each kid but you can stack them and bring several kinds of snacks for your little ones.  All the pieces are durable but very light weight so they are easy to carry around in my purse.

Can we talk about this kids faces?!?!  My god son giving me the looks!!!

After our meal we brought scraps of bread for the ducks.  Little did we know there were catfish and turtles in this ponding basin.  The kids loved it but the fish grossed me out to be honest!  We finished off the morning with the play equipment.  We might have left sweaty but we left with memories and smiles.

I hope you and your families have had the best Summer but it's not totally over so don't stop filling it with fun!

This is a sponsored post but as always all opinions are honest and my own.

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