Valentine's Ideas

Kevin and I don't make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day but what I do love about it is that it's a day to remind everyone to spread love and kindness and that's something our world sure needs.  I don't need a day of extra romance but I love just trying to make someone smile a little bigger because it's a holiday.  Yes we should all remember all year long to spoil those we love but we're human and we all need reminders now and then and a holiday is a great way to get one.

The girls both celebrated Valentine's Day at school on Tuesday because Madi goes T/TH and Wednesday was Ash Wednesday so Emily's school celebrated a day early.  They were both so excited to pass out Valentine's and come home and go through everything they received.  Here are their Valentine's that they handed out:

Since I was a little girl my mom and I have have exchanged little gifts leading up to Valentine's Day and the tradition lives on today with my mom and my girls.  This year I also left little gifts and love notes for Kevin.

Emily had to wear her uniform on Valentine's Day so we showed some spirit with her hair.  The day of her party I did a different version of the heart and everyone said she looked like Cindy Loo Who, lol!

Another tradition of ours is to decorate Voa Voa's yard with cardboard candy hearts.  She was greeted with this sweet surprise upon returning home from a trip.

Since having the girls our tradition is to order a heart pizza and have a picnic on the floor.  It might not be a romantic dinner but it's tops the crazy rush in a restaurant.  Another tradition is daddy brings home each girl a long stem rose for Valentine's.  He told the girls they were his Valentine's but that mommy was his forever Valentine.  Emily was a little offended and even brought it up the next morning.  She asked me to be her Valentine since she wasn't daddy's #1 Valentine.  I was trying to explain it to her and she responded," Even when I'm 15 I'm still going to want to ride motorcycles and be with daddy and not on a phone like teenagers."  I think we should get that in writing!!!

I hope everyone got to experience extra love on Valentine's!  If you have Valentine traditions I'd love for you to share them:)

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