Friday Favorites 2/2

We're definitely not letting the cold get us down; we've been out and about and super busy.  Christmas Break and January included a cousin day at Skywalk, lots of Momo riding, Snowboarding, ice skating, birthday parties and more.

For their Christmas gift I took my nieces and nephews to Skywalk and then out to lunch.  It was such a fun day spending time laughing together.  I try to give "experiences" for gifts since everyone always has everything they need and more.  This way we get to spend time together and make memories.

Emily recently learned how to ride her motorcycle without training wheels and she's a riding champ!  Madi learned to ride her motorcycle alone (with training wheels) and she's a wild woman with no fear!  The girls love their time with daddy and Uncle Josh at the track and getting down and dirty.

Check out Madi's face!

We went to a birthday party up at Tenaya Lodge where we went ice skating...

The bunny hill had just enough snow for Emily to take her first snowboarding lesson with one of her favorite friends.  Daddy said she did great and she came home so excited about the day.  I'm so proud of my adventurous little girl!

Little Diva Madison went for her first blowout with Auntie Pammy for her Christmas gift.  She was such a ham and ate it all up.  She was so proud to come home and show off her curls.

A birthday brunch for Auntie Brittany...

Volunteering in Emily's classroom is always highlight of the month for me...

Cheers to Friday, I have the best weekend and week ahead and hope you do as well!

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