Friday Favorites 2/9

The main purpose of Friday Favorites is for me to have a diary of all our activities and fun.  Thanks for following along with me!  I missed a few events last week when I posted and we just got back from a few glorious days at the coast where you spent all of our time relaxing and spending time together.

Emily had a birthday party at the Little Gym where she was in her glory.  She also had the Father Daughter Dance at school.  She came home beaming with joy and excitement after the dance!  The girls got another day at the motorcycle track and Emily got on her new bike for the first time.  I guess January was the month of birthdays because we celebrated our cousin's first birthday and also mine along with my sister-in-laws.

We're looking forward to a busy weekend and a super fun filled Valentine's week!

This is a Welcome Home basket I made for one of my sweetest clients ever!  

Right Click and Save As

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