Newborn Must-Haves

This being my third baby I feel like I've really narrowed down what is essential and what's not.  I've rounded up everything that I love and sharing my must-haves with you.  My greatest tip is don't fall into all the marketing and buy everything under the sun.  Babies can get by with just a few things.  They mostly need nourishment and love!  The rest of the stuff is to make all of our lives a little bit easier.

I'm trying for the first time the DockATot Deluxe which is a co-sleeper and lounger for your little one up to 8 months old.  DockATot offers a Grand size for babies at least 9 months old.  Both loungers are handmade in Europe and tested for breathability.  They are all natural and 100% cotton which provides an ideal micro-climate for your precious one.  I wanted to give the DockATot a try because I've heard so many mamas swear by them for getting their baby to sleep comfortably and for extended periods.  I also wanted something that was light-weight and easy to move around the house to lay the baby down.  It will also be great for traveling; much easier than lugging a pack n play.

Another item I've heard such great things about is the Ollie World Swaddle.  The benefits include moisture wicking fabric so your baby doesn't overheat, open bottom for easy diaper changes, customized closure, only one size needed for the entire use and custom loop and hook closure.

A must-have is an adorable hospital outfit and I found such a cute one from Jennifer Ann.  I love everything personalized and I can't wait to see little man in this outfit with coordinating hat.  I've been in love with Freshly Picked since my girls were much younger and couldn't wait to grab Jackson a couple of pairs.  I selected baby blue and cashmere (grey-pictured below) which will go with lots of outfits.  They stay on little feet and are so easy to put on.

There's no denying that an infant carrier is an absolute must on the newborn list.  I was looking for something new since ours was old and a little beat up.  I wanted something that was very safe yet as light as possible.  I'm happy to have found the alpha baby car seat from Phil & Teds.

I had a Baby Bjorn with the girls and I almost never used it.  It hurt my back to carry the baby and both of my girls never seemed to like it.  So this time I wanted to give a baby sling a try.  I heard the most positive reviews about Wild Bird so that is what I selected.  It's supposed to be the fastest sling because there are no buckles and no wrapping.  It can hold a baby up to 35 pounds and is versatile for front, back or hip wearing.

I plan on nursing and with my girls I couldn't have survived without a Boppy Pillow.  It supports the baby so you don't have to hold the baby during the entire nursing session.  

Since I will be completely outnumbered 3 to 1 I knew that my diaper bag had to be a backpack so I could have the use of both of my hands.  I was also looking for a backpack that was lightweight, durable and easy to clean.  This one from Petunia Pickle Bottom is extremely practical because it's so light, wipes clean easily and the colors and fabric I believe will be durable.  I love the multiple compartments including one for a bottle and an insulated one on the bottom.  It came with a wipes case and changing pad which is a total bonus.

I used to just use a blanket to cover the baby in the car seat but it never quite stayed in place so I'm excited to have the Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss 4 in 1 Multi Cover.  It works as a car seat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover and scarf.  The other Itzy Ritzy item I'm excited to try is the Milk Boss Infant Feeding Pillow which you place the baby over for burping or use as a pillow to feed the baby.  Another must-have item is a bath set.  Babies spit up and get very stinky so bath time happens on the regular.  I can not tell you how many raves I've heard about Noodle & Boo so I had to grab their Starter Gift Set.  Noodle & Boo only uses natural and safe ingredients so no parabens, dyes, GMO's, BPA, etc.  It's safe enough for daily use and mild enough for even sensitive skin.  

I think every baby essential list includes a humidifier and we had one for the girls but I hated how big it was and having to change the filter basically at every use.  I found the Umi 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Humidifier and Air Purifier and I'm really excited about it.  It's a slim design and doesn't require a filter.  The air purification reduces bacterial proliferation and the humidifier can be set to desired humidity.  There is even an essential oil diffuser and night light.

You hope your precious baby is never sick but you want to be prepared just in case.  The hospital will give you a rectal thermometer upon request but I like something that is far quicker and easier.  The Termo 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer from bbluv is amazing.  It uses an infrared sensor to measure surface temperature such as forehead, armpit, ears, bottle, food or bath water.  You won't even need to bother your baby to take their temperature. 

With both girls I lugged around the infant carrier from store to store and nearly broke my back.  I'm also 5'1" and could never see over the carrier in a cart.  The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock sounds life changing.  I don't have to carry a heavy baby and carrier but just keep the Binxy Baby in my purse, attach to a shopping cart and strap in the baby.  It's so lightweight and easy to use and fits most shopping carts.  Would you believe it will even hold an infant carrier and holds up 50 pounds? 

During the first few weeks my babies live in swaddles.  I found some of the cutest options from Khloe & Kinley.  I was looking for swaddles that have matching hats to keep his little head warm and cozy.  I am in love with the texture on this grey knit swaddle set which is sure to keep baby J comfy.

Even before your little one will be eating, a bib or a teething bib should be on your list.  Newborn babies are always spitting up and wearing a bib helps with cleanup and keeping clothes fresh.  Once they start getting teeth they can grab on these and chew on the ends, so they have a great dual purpose.  I suggest the Cotton Muslin Bibs from Nuby.

As I mentioned above I think several swaddles are necessary for newborn babies.  I have a big obsession with buffalo plaid right now and when I saw this adorable swaddle from Milkmaid Goods I had to have it for Jackson.  The material is extremely soft and snuggly; can't wait to snuggle this little guy.  You can see a little sneak peak of Jackson's bedding but hang tight because a nursery reveal will be coming soon!

The third baby has to be easy going, right?!?!  Like he will lay quietly and entertain himself.... because it's also crazy around here.  I'm hoping this 4 in 1 Ocean Activity Center from Fisher Price will keep him happy while sisters and I are dashing around as usual. This activity center grows with the baby and can be transformed from a lay and play, tummy time crawl through tunnel, toddler play table to a take along activity panel.  I love a toy that converts and grows with your little one; more bang for your buck.  The center includes sensory toys, sounds and lights.

If you've never had a baby then let me just warn you about the amount of laundry such a little being produces.  You may change them several times a day due to spit up and blow outs.  So a hamper dedicated to the baby is on my essential list considering the amount of laundry that you will be doing.  I'm so in love with this hamper from Thirty-One Gifts; I have one in my closet as well.  It's so well made (durable) yet lightweight and I love the straps for carrying the hamper on my shoulder to the laundry room.  As I've already mentioned I love anything personalized so the option to do so on here was just icing on the cake.

A system for bottles and cleaning is beyond essential.  In the beginning it feels like you are feeding and cleaning non stop.  I wash all the bottles, binkies and pump parts in hot soapy water in the sink and then I sanitize every few uses in the Medela quick clean steaming bags.  To assist in washing you will definitely need a bottle brush.  I love the Nuby bottle brush and stand which stands on its own and also has a nipple brush inside.  To dry I love this Bloom Drying Rack from Nuby.  The white parts spin around for easy access and it's compact yet holds a lot of items.  It nearly goes without saying that bottles are essential even if you are breastfeeding.  Emily never had tummy issues but Madi was a wreck with acid reflux.  I pray Jackson doesn't have any problems but just in case I selected these Comfort 360 Plus+ Anti-Reflux & Anti-Colic Bottles.  They have dual vent valves to reduce colic, a soft flex nipple for easy transition between mom and bottle and a 360 degree weighted straw to follow the milk flow.

My second had terrible acid reflux and someone recommended a Rock N Play so she could sleep at an incline.  It was seriously life changing and she slept in it for months!!!  Even if you're little one doesn't have tummy issues I still think this is a necessary item because it helps them sleep for longer periods of time.  It's also what Jackson will sleep in immediately upon coming home.  This is in our room for a few days or so until we move him into the crib.  Another reason I love the Rock N Play  is its so easy to travel with because it folds up.

When judging a stroller I'm looking for something that easy to maneuver, as light as possible and compact.  Now that I'm going to have 3 children space is even more limited in the car or in general and the dot can be a single or double stroller yet is compact.  Also a must for me is that a baby carrier must be able to go onto the stroller easily.  The dot buggy from Phil and Ted's checks all these boxes and I'm so excited to use it for baby J.

Once I've had time to test out all of these items I will do another blog post to share my thoughts and reviews; come back to check it out.  In the meantime, is there anything that you couldn't live without that I don't have on the list?

I received products compliments of DockATot, Ollie, Jennifer Ann, Freshly Picked, Felt Like Sharing, Phil & Teds, Wildbird, Boppy, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Noodle & Boo, Itzy Ritzy, Fisher Price, Nuby, Binxy Baby, Khloe & Kinley, Thirty-One Gifts, bbluv and Milkmaid Goods.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.  Thank you for supporting the companies and brands that have received my stamp of approval.


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