Cute and Affordable End of the Year Gift Ideas

How is it possible that we only have a few more weeks of school?  Where in the world did the year go?!?!  Since the end of the year is approaching very quickly I'm putting together our gifts for teachers, aides, buddies and other staff members.  I am so appreciative of how hard school staff works to take care of our little ones and I think they deserve a small token to show how thankful we are.

You can find hundreds of adorable gift ideas on Pinterest and I've used several of them but then I started thinking about what teachers and staff would really like.  Is a flower really cute with an adorable gift tag about growth?  Yes, but is it something a teacher really needs? NO!  Let's be real teachers want gift cards for something useful.  I think you literally can't go wrong with a Target gift card because who can't find something at Target???  I also think restaurant gift cards, Starbucks, movies, etc. are pretty good as well.  

Here are what my girls are giving this year:

I found this printable HERE, which is great for non-teachers.  Madi will be giving these to office staff and admin at her school.  They don't necessarily "teach" in her class but they still help with running the school which all leads back to her learning so I still think these printables are appropriate.

I found this printable HERE.  These are very similar to the above but meant specifically for a teacher or teacher's aide.  Madi and Emily will be giving these to their teachers.

At Emily's school the younger grades have buddies which is a super sweet program.  Emily got really lucky with two amazing buddies this year and so we wanted to give them a little something to show our appreciation for their kindness and guidance.  A movie night gift package includes two movie vouchers, Skittles, Starburst and popcorn.  The gift tag reads, " Thanks for a "PICTURE" perfect year.  You "COLORED" my world and you were a total rock "STAR"!  You can save the tag and print yourself below.

End of the Year Gift Tag Printable
Right Click, Save As

Here is a thank you idea for a carpool.  Our sweet and generous neighbors drove Emily every day to school since I had the baby and mornings were always a little rough.  I found the printable HERE and then inserted a gas gift card in the pocket.

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