Cheers to 35 and 35 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

This is 35 and how I feel about!
Maybe if I don’t look it won’t happen. 

Here are 35 things you probably don't know about me:
  1. I’m terrified of the dark.
  2. I started dating my husband at 14.
  3. I’m Portuguese, which means I’m loud and proud!
  4. I’ve traveled to 5 different Countries. 
  5. Until recently I wouldn’t walk on street grates for fear of falling in.
  6. My favorite city I’ve been to is Estoril, Portugal. 
  7. I was raised by a strong, brave and selfless single mom. 
  8. I lived in LA for two years and attended UCLA but hated nearly every second so I moved home and graduated from Fresno State. 
  9. I’m a complete Introverted Extrovert. 
  10. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman. 
  11. I only eat meals so I can eat dessert! I wake up counting down until I can have dessert and it be socially acceptable. 
  12. I hate to be cold... ok you knew this one already. 
  13. I’m 5’1” so I’ve worn heels nearly every day of my life since high school. 
  14. My favorite thing to do is dance. 
  15. I'm an only child but have 1 half brother, 1 step sister, and 1 half sister I've never met.
  16. I love hot tea but do not like coffee.
  17. My grandpa had the greatest impact on my life and was my favorite person in the world. 
  18. I like to be on the go but also like a little down time as well.
  19. I could care less about sports but love going to a game for the social aspects (like eating and drinking, lol).
  20. I've had significant health battles in my younger years but so incredibly thankful that most are minor these days.
  21. My greatest fear in life was not being able to have children but I had no issues at all.  Now my greatest fears involve my children.  Like which one will wear me down first!!!  JK!
  22. I need lots of sleep but have terrible insomnia.
  23. I'm really cheap and love a good sale.
  24. I've been in a bar fight, gotten someone kicked out of a bar and danced on a bar.
  25. I almost drowned in two feet of water trying to snorkel.  I'm exaggerating but I suck to say the least!
  26. I get up and get "dressed" nearly every single day.  You will rarely see me without makeup.  Putting myself together just makes me feel better on the inside.
  27. I hate running, not crazy about spinning, but could do High Fitness every day of the week.
  28. I've never liked my body.  My freshman year of high school I wore a long sleeve shirt around my waist every day trying to hide my huge behind.  My now husband was the one who convinced me I didn't need to hide it.  
  29. I find laugher and humor to be the most attractive quality in others.  I was attracted to Kevin because he made me laugh.
  30. I love my job and spend a ton of volunteer time protecting homeownership and private property rights.
  31. My favorite color is pink, my favorite number is 4, my favorite season is Summer, my favorite food are Hungry Bear Cookies, and my favorite drink is Malibu & Diet Dr. Pepper (or water).
  32. I visit the Day Spa on almost every trip I take.  If time and money allowed I would get a massage every week.
  33. I'm Type A, organized and OCD by nature but after having three kids I'm just a total mess!
  34. I love to listen to music really loudly in the car and I make up half the words to every song.  Remember Bennie & The Jetts in 27 Dresses?!?!  That's me!
  35. I'm not crazy about getting older but feel so blessed for my health, my family, my friends and where I am in my life.



  1. You are so beautiful inside and out! Even though you are younger than me, I look up to you as a strong, intelligent, giving woman. Happy birthday, Annie! may this be the best year yet :)

  2. Just came across this blog. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Fellow introverted extrovert here.