How to Throw a Valentine's Brunch

I live for the holidays and I try to make each one of them extra special for my girls.  I've done a holiday brunch for as long as I can remember and they are no longer a surprise for the girls but they still have a huge amount of excitement for them.  I try to make each one a little different so it's fresh for all of us.  These holiday breakfasts don't take a lot of time or money but I think they have a big impact.  I usually keep things from year to year and reuse them and use things I already have around the house.

The staple pieces are the kids table from Delta Children and tableware from RePlay Recycled because they add the perfect pop of color.  Recently I've started doing balloon arches because they are so cute and they don't take a lot of time.  The balloon deco strip is a game changer and so is a balloon pump.  However, I definitely should have invested in an electric one vs. the hand pump I bought.  

I frequently use my cake stand to display the food for these holiday breakfast.  This was probably my most simple menu I've ever done which consisted of fruit and donuts to spell out LOVE.  Candy gummy hearts and pink milk were served on the side.  I found the LOVE balloon and heart picks at the Dollar Store.  The confetti, banner and heart container came from the Target Dollar Spot.  All of these items I keep and will use year after year; so the cost is very minimal over time.

Lastly, I do little baskets for many holidays, not just Easter.  No matter what holiday basket I'm doing I always fill them with items I would already buy so again I'm not spending "extra" money.  My go-to filler items are clothing items for the upcoming season, toothbrushes, books and fun school supplies.  the highlights of this year's Valentine's baskets were the high tops, sunglasses and unicorn dresses from FabKids.

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