Easy & Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts

I try to find new class Valentine's gifts each year for my girls and I also try to avoid junk since they get plenty of it on this holiday.  This year I gave the girls a few options and they both chose Slap Bracelets.  When I picked up the girls from school several of their classmates had them on and the girls said they were such a hit.  I also found it was a great option for boys and girls.  So many of the cute ideas were only appropriate for one gender.  I found them online in bulk and so it was really cheap.  I found the printable online, printed and cut them out.  Lastly, I used a little craft tape to attach the gift tag to the bracelets.

I've included a couple more ideas that I used in our Valentine's Week of Love.  If you've been around here for awhile you know I've done this activity with my mom since I was a very young girl.  We've continued the tradition my whole life and were so excited to pass on the tradition to my kids.  This year was so crazy that I didn't get to photograph a few of the gifts but here is a small sample:

Donut Valentine's:  "I DONUT know what I'd do with you!" 

Candy Bouquet or Gift Basket with Valentine's Poem

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