Halloween Snacks, Treats and Crafts

To kickoff the season I give the kids Boo Baskets filled with books, Halloween tees and pajamas, and some festive toys.  I also made a Halloween trail mix to enjoy for snacks throughout the season.  The trail mix couldn't be easier to make; you just take all the ingredients and toss together.  I used pretzels, popcorn, candy corn, Rice Chex and Bugles.

I love to celebrate a holiday all "season" long with fun snacks, treats, crafts and meals.  Here are some of my favorite Halloween ideas:

A treat board just makes everything more fun!  I love creating fun treat boards for every occasion.  I sometimes make a few during each season.  They are great to take to parties but I'll even do them for a fun treat for the kids just at home.  I usually stick with certain colors or theme specific food.  In the Halloween Treat Board above I made a paper plate spider by hot glueing pipe cleaners to the back of a small dessert plate and adding googly eyes to the rim of the plate.  It was the perfect display for the sweet popcorn.  To make festive popcorn you use regular popcorn, drizzle colored melting chocolate on top and add holiday sprinkles.

I also made mandarin "pumpkins" just by peeling the mandarins and then sticking a tiny slice of apple in the top.  Ice cream with sprinkles, jack-o-lantern cookies and candy corn completed this board.

For the board below I added a large spider to make it even more festive.  Treat boards don't have to be food only.  You can add some decor to them as well.  Everything on this board was store bought so it can be very easy.  The only change I made was adding candy eyes to the powdered donuts.

This board below was a special lunch for the kids.  I made mummy pizzas, spider pb&j's, and monster celery sticks.  For dessert was jack-o-lantern Oreo's, candy corn and monster donuts.  To make the mummy pizzas you need English muffins, marinara sauce, olives and mozzarella cheese.  Spread sauce on top of the English muffins and then arrange cheese in strips but leave an opening for the eyes.  Place olives in the spot for eyes and then put in the oven for a few minutes at 350 degrees.  Watch until cheese is melted and serve.

To make the spider sandwiches you make a normal sandwich and then use a circle cookie cutter to cut it out.  Use chocolate chips for eyes and 8 pretzel sticks for legs.  The celery sticks are just topped with peanut butter and candy eyes.

To make a Halloween cake topper you need two paper straws, 5 different thin ribbons, 2 pom poms, 1 ruffle ribbon, die cut letters and hot glue.  Cut each ribbon into 6 in pieces, do this twice.  Layer ribbon and glue to straw, add more glue and add pom pom to top.  Use hot glue to glue the ruffle ribbon (about 3.5 inches in length) to the back of each straw.  Add a dot of hot glue to the back on each letter and glue to ruffle ribbon.  

For class parties or just a fun afternoon treat you could make these monster rice crispy treats.  Make rice crispy treats as normal and cut into rectangles.  Insert a paper straw into the bottom and then dip into orange melting chocolate.  Add candy eyes and woila!

I made these Halloween snacks for after a soccer game during the Halloween season.  Buy cellophane party favor bags and draw a jack-o-lantern face on the bag with a Sharpie before filling. Then add Cheeto puff balls to the bag and tie with a thin green ribbon.  To make the mummies you wrap an apple sauce pouch with white streamers.  Glue to adhere and use hot glue to add googly eyes.  The last snack was jack-o-lantern mandarin oranges.  Just use a sharpie to draw the face right onto the peel.

Breakfast can't be left out of the Halloween fun so I made these spider bagels.  Again this couldn't be easier to create but the excitement is huge!  Make a normal bagel but stick in pretzel sticks for legs and chocolate chips for eyes.

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