Halloween Crafts & Treats

I'm a lover of all holidays and I'm always talking about how much I live for traditions.  To this day I remember traditions from my childhood and I just love creating new ones with my kids.  I hope they carry some of them on with their families.  One of our greatest traditions is making treats and enjoying them during a movie night.  Especially this time of year we love camping out in front of the tv and enjoying food and family.

A "charcuterie" board always make food that much more fun so I've been having fun creating different Halloween boards.  My first Halloween Treat Board consisted of mandarin pumpkins, candy corn & pumpkins, Halloween Oreo's, Moose Track Ice Cream, and Spooky Spider Popcorn.

Making the popcorn couldn't be any easier.  You can pop popcorn or you can do what I did and just buy Skinny Pop and then melt orange chocolate and drizzle on top.  I added Halloween sprinkles and set in the fridge for an hour.  In the meantime I made the spider plate for the popcorn which consists of cutting black pipe cleaners to the desired length and hot glueing to the bottom of a black paper plate.  Then 3/4 of the way down the pipe cleaner you bend at a 45 degree angle.  Lastly, hot glue googly eyes to the top of the plate. 

To make the mandarin pumpkins you peel a mandarin and then slice a very small piece of celery and insert in the top.  Plain ice cream isn't nearly as fun as ice cream with sprinkles so sprinkles were added to the top.  I put it all together on a board and let the fun begin!

The girls went back to school in person so to celebrate one day they came home to a Halloween Lunch Board.  Mummy pizzas, spider PB&J's, monster celery sticks, candy corn, Halloween Oreo's and monster donuts made the perfect treat for the end of their school day.  

To make the pizza's put marinara sauce on top an english muffin.  Then take slices of string cheese and lay in different directions on top.  Place two sliced olives in place of eyes and bake at 350 degrees until the cheese melts.

Make PB&J sandwiches and then use a circle cookie cutter to cut out a circle.  Insert 4 stick pretzels in each side and use chocolate chips for eyes.

The celery sticks are good old fashion pb and celery just topped with candy eyes.  Just add eyes to anything and voila you have a spooky monster.  Speaking of I just added eyes to powder donuts and just like that you have monster donuts.  Lastly, I added Oreo's and candy corn mix.

Here's another example of adding eyes to make something spooky and fun.  I made rice crispy treats and then dipped them in orange melting chocolate and added candy eyes.  To finish them off I used paper straws as sticks.

For a fun breakfast, I made spider bagels.  Plain bagels with 4 stick pretzels in each side topped with two chocolate chips.

This Halloween Trail Mix is what I like to call Monster Munch.  I mixed up Bugles, rice Chex, pretzels, candy corn mix, and popcorn.  It's the perfect after school snack.

You haven't fully experienced the magic of Halloween if you haven't Boo'd someone or been Boo'd.  My girls got the greatest thrill from secretly delivering a fun basket, ringing the doorbell and then running.  They made me belly laugh watching them.  It's just as fun receiving a Boo basket and diving in to see all the goodies.  We were so lucky to receive a Boo Basket from Abigail's Candy Shop with the best goodies around!

This little Boo cake topper is made with paper straws, different widths of ribbon, pom poms, die cut letters and a ruffle ribbon.  I cut each ribbon twice about 6 inches long.  Once I had enough ribbon cut I used hot glue to attach to the top of the straw. Then a bit more glue to attach the pom pom.  On the back of each straw I attached the ruffle ribbon with another dot of hot glue.  Then I glued the letters on the ruffle ribbon.

I'll end with a cute craft that was quite simple to do.  I used white craft paint to paint on ghosts.  After drying I used a Sharpie to draw eyes and mouth.  Lastly I tied some ribbon around the stems.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!


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