The Lord is Within Her; She Will Not Fall

Emily's First Holy Communion was scheduled for right after the world shut down so of course it was postponed.  Unfortunately, it was moved to the hottest day of the year and didn't look normal at all.  Looking back the day makes me a little sad because it's one of the most important days in a child's life and it was stripped of all the sacred beauty.  But overall, I am grateful for Emily to receive this sacrament.

Since we were still in quarantine we did a very small party to celebrate the occasion.  Despite the intimate gathering I still wanted to make the day special for Emily.  The decor I used was simple: a chalkboard with bible verse, ballon arch, cake and flowers.

My favorite cake hack is to buy a store cake and then add some flair to it myself.  I ordered a naked cake from our local grocery store and added roses and eucalyptus.  Then I just put it on a cake stand and it's perfect.  Surrounded by some flowers and the decor was complete.

I wanted Emily to have something special and unique to wear on her big day so I made a flower crown for her to wear.  It takes time but otherwise is very simple.  The supplies you need are baby's breath, floral wire and floral tape.  Cut baby's breath about 1.5 inches in length and wrap around wire and secure with floral tape.  You keep adding until you complete the circle.

Mass was held outside and every single person had to be 6 feet apart.  Supposedly, the powers at be are not aware that we live in the same household and pass germs every single day.  So when we go out we don't need to sit 6 feet apart.  I was so upset that I couldn't hold my baby's girl hand during mass.  However, I have to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and to be grateful for all of it.

I recently listened to a my favorite Bible in a Year podcast and Father Mike recalled how he told his sister how he thought he could never have children because he'd be so worried they would get hurt.  His sister responded, "That is scary but I just don't want them to lose their souls."  This was really profound to me.  We work really hard to keep our kids safe as well as give them joy and happiness.  But our greatest responsibility as parents it to introduce them to faith and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.  My greatest honor is to be parents to our kids and help them develop their faith.  

1 John 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

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