North Pole Breakfast- Reindeer Breakfast

I love celebrating all holidays, special events and milestones but I LIVE for our North Pole Breakfast which kicks off the Christmas season.  It's the day our elf, Jingle arrives from the North Pole and it gets everyone in the spirit of the most magical season.  Every year I throw a different themed breakfast to celebrate the occasion.  This years theme was reindeers and hands down has been my favorite so far.

I'm not wild about giving my kids junk food but all rules go out the window for the North Pole Breakfast.  It's all sugar and fun not matter what time of the morning, lol.  I had our local grocery store make this mini cake look like a reindeer and I added the antlers that I made to the top.  I also made a balloon garland around the little table out of red balloons and also added antlers to some of the balloons.

All the food centered around reindeers as well.  Rudolph cinnamon rolls were so easy to make by adding a red candy for the nose and candy eyes.  I added paper glitter antlers to the back of red dessert plates to make reindeer plates.  The reindeer glass jars were not easy to make, I must admit.  The supplies are easy but getting everything to stay was quite the task.  You need chocolate covered pretzels, candy eyes, frosting and a red gum drop.  Use the frosting to adhere all the parts but waiting for it all to dry takes a long time.

Jingle, the elf always brings new Christmas pajamas because it's cold at the North Pole.  Those were placed on each chair.  Sometimes he brings additional gifts like Christmas books and clothes but some years he keeps things simple.

I hope this inspires you to create some magic around the Christmas season.  I promise you the smiles, giggles and memories are totally worth it.

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