10 Months

Emily was 10 months old yesterday.  As I say each month, "Where is the time going?!?!?!"  It's the final countdown to the big 1!  
GONE, GONE, GONE are the days where Emily will sit in her seat for me to take the monthly photo. We battled again this month just to get this photo.  I ended up trying a change of scenery and this is the best I could do.
I ended up loving this spot because it shows how big she is now.  She's sitting by herself on our front porch step.
Little Miss Em is pulling herself up on everything and climbing on anything she can.  She's miss adventurous and keeps me on my toes.  
She's talking lots and imitating things we say. 
She repeats- Baba, Izzie, Dada, Papa, Bad.
She gives kisses and waves to everyone. 
Walking is just around the corner.  She walks behind her little car and goes so fast I don't know how her little legs keep up. (She's not going full speed in the video below.  I missed that on camera.)

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