Wash, Peel, Slice, Dice, Steam...

I've been making Emily's food since she began solid foods at 6 months old.  I wanted to share with everyone how I do it and how rewarding it is.  I spent $48 on Organic Fruits and Veggies at Whole Foods.  This sounds like a lot but I get way more by making my own food than by purchasing the jars.  The bigger reward is knowing exactly what is in my little girl's food.

Here is what I started with:

Then I begin the process of washing, peeling, slicing, dicing, steaming, cubing, and bagging:)
I wash all the food, then use a potato peeler on the hard fruits and veggies and hand peel the softer foods.  Next I slice and dice the foods and put them in my Baby Brezza which steams and purees the food all in one.  This is a must in making homemade baby food!

After the pureeing is done I pour the mixture into ice cube trays.  After a few hours in the freezer I pop the cubes into labeled freezer bags.  When I feed Miss Em I just grab whatever cubes I want.  This makes it so easy to mix up her meals and give her a variety of flavors and nutrients.

Here is what I end up with:

This is 225 cubes which is approximately 75 meals; that equals about 63 cents per meal.  The jars of organic baby food average about $1.00.  Of course there is a lot of time that goes into making my own food but I think it is worth it!

Bon Appetit Baby Girl!!!

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