Love, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes

Valentines is another holiday that I love.  Any excuse to decorate and dress Emily up is fun for me.  Here are some pics of what we were up to this month.

Valentines Decor:
Valentine Wreaths I made.

My mom made these pillows.

Valentine blocks I made.

Emily decked out in holiday outfits:

My mom and I have done the 14 days of love since I was a little girl.  We still continue the tradition.  I also include Kevin.  I didn't picture everything but here are a few of our gifts.

14 Days of Love Gifts:

Apron from Voa Voa

My mom left us a note each day why she loved us:)

Valentines Emily received.
Puppy and balloon from Grandma Jill.

Valentine from Carter.

Valentine from Kiki and Uncle Juan Juan.

Valentine from Tinsley.  We forgot to get a picture of the really cute cup she also received.

Valentine from Daddy!!!

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