Fresno Friday- Kuni Sama & Bowling

We had a summer fun day with the cousins this week.  We had lunch at one of our new favorite restaurants Kuni Suma and bowling at Rodeo Lanes.  Kuni Sama is located at the SW corner of Herndon and Willow and has Teppan Yaki and a sushi bar.  We've been a few times for Teppan Yaki and have absolutely loved it each time.  This week was Emily's first time and she loved watching the "show".  After a great meal we headed over to Rodeo Lanes.  This was technically Emily's second time bowling but she was quite young her first time.  She still wasn't totally into it mostly because you have to wait your turn.  She was patient but got a little bored I think.

We're always looking for fun things to do locally so share your ideas.  We give Kuni Sama two thumbs up and for the right age I think bowling is a great summer activity.

Thank you Grandma Jill for treating us to a fun day.

I thought it was so cute that she watched the ball after it rolled away.

Only my daughter eats lunch and then wants pizza one hour later.  Bottomless pit.

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