Fresno Friday-Gilroy Gardens

This Fresno Friday is another example of our great central location.  I LOVE that Fresno is so close to a variety of fun places.  A few weeks ago my mom and I took the girls to Gilroy Gardens for the first time.  We loved it so much.  It was really quiet; we almost never waited in a line.  It was also super cute and clean.  I would definitely say it's for the age range of 2-7.  Older kids would be totally bored I think.  After riding the rides we went to their "water park."  We were expecting something like Wild Water but it was a very small area with a few water features, two water slides, and a small wading pool.  It wasn't what we were expecting but we still loved it.  The rest of the park was nearly empty but it was a hot day so the water area was pretty packed.  Emily always loves water but it was funny to see Madi in the water she loved it and was so (too) daring.
My favorite ride was the cars with Madi.  She drove and was hilarious flopping around as the car jerked and turned.  I nearly peed my pants.  The ferris wheel was also a lot of fun with the girls.
We finished the day with eating at the Habit and getting some FroYo.  We spent the night in Gilroy and shopped at the outlets the next day.  It was a great getaway.  I totally recommend Gilroy Gardens if you have young kids.

There was music playing and the girls spontaneously were dancing.

My dare devils were BORED by the little rides.

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