Mommy Monday-Book Barn

My good friend Christina, found story time with Mother Goose at the Book Barn in Clovis.  We decided to go check it out last week.  There is a little dancing time before it starts and Emily and Madi walked right up to play.  Emily got picked to choose a book for Mother Goose to read once the story time got started.  Then the kids do show and tell (we didn't bring anything).  Lastly everyone gets to take a picture with Mother Goose. After the session was over we went downstairs and bought a used book for Emily.
Story time was packed and a bit loud.  I would recommend this for little ones but not on a weekly basis.  Once in awhile is plenty.

Huge smile on her face!

Madi thinking, "How did I get crabs?!?!"

After story time we did lunch and ice cream!

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