Friday Favorites 9/1

We tried to cram all the fun possible in the last few weeks of Summer break with lots of lake trips, and play dates.  My girls are thrill seekers and love riding the jet ski or tubing behind the boat!  Faster is the word on repeat.  We're very blessed to have a boat and super blessed to have the best family friends with a boat and cabin.


Fresno Chaffee Zoo:


School may have slowed down the fun a bit but we're still enjoying life.  We celebrated the first week of school with friends from Emily's elementary school!  Mama celebrated surviving back to school with a girls night out and we got another lake day in with the best of friends!

Did everyone see the eclipse?  Did you feel the mania?  Emily's class was blessed with a solar telescope and so her class (and me) got to view the eclipse safely.  Pretty cool since it doesn't happen very often.

Emily's school attends mass every Friday and today was the first mass of the school year.  Madi, Voa Voa and I attended and I loved seeing the blessing of teachers and students and seeing Emily's class attend their first mass together.  Emily was excited because they've been practicing how you behave in mass.  I love what their teacher is instilling in them about manners.  They line up girls to boys and have to hold hands.  The boys have to lay the kneelers down as gentlemen and ladies always go first.  We could use a little chivalry instruction in our society!  God bless Emily and her classmates.

I want to get back to sharing some of my favorite things with you and not just our favorite activities over the past several weeks.  Here's my current crushes:

We hear this about 5 times a day!

Labor Day Shopping!
A roundup of my fave sales:
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Fall Season Premiers
I feel like I've been waiting years for some of my shows to come back on.  Is it just me or do they only run for 3-4 months and then they take the rest of the year off?!?!  Must be rough!
Anyways I'm excited for:

This is Us
Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers
American Housewife
How to Get Away with Murder
Blue Bloods
Madame Secretary
(I better clear out some DVR space.)

For Full Season Premier Calendar check it out HERE

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