Friday Favorites 9/22

I've been trying to pretend that September is still Summer but just this week the weather totally changed and today is officially Fall; Happy Fall! I'm one of the very few who is thrilled that it's supposed to warm up next week; give me Summer all year long!!! We continue to be busy as ever and I'm pretty sure things just won't slow down.  Here is our fun over the past few weeks:

I am a Realtor and belong to the Fresno Association of Realtors (FAR) and last week was their 3rd annual Dancing with the FARs.  I was asked to be one of the "celebrities" and I was paired with a professional dancer.  We practiced for several weeks and last week was our performance to an audience of over 400 people.  I LOVE to dance but I've never performed so I was quite nervous.  It didn't go as well as I would have hoped but I'm glad that I did it.  The best part was I had my best friends and family there to support me.  I felt like the biggest winner when my girls came on stage to give me flowers.  They made my day!

Thank you to my dear friend Rema who did my hair.  It was AMAZING!

A girl couldn't ask for better girlfriends!

We went to the opening FSU game and I'm quite positive I've never been so hot in my life.  It was crazy humid and when you're packed like sardines in the stadium with no breeze it's unbearable.  We lasted until the Derek Carr ceremony and then fled fast!  It was cool to see FSU retire Derek Carr's #4 jersey despite the sticky heat.

Both girls are doing great at school and Madi wishes she was going everyday.  She's up early everyday ready to go!

My girlfriends and I try to get together often for a girls night which helps keep me sane.  Recently we went to the Lime Lite for a girls night and a good cause.  Now until the end of the year the Lime Lite is donating all their corkage fees to Terry's House. You should check it out.

My mom and I were able to sneak away for a weekend away just the two of us.  We stayed with a family friend who lives in Rolling Hills.  Staying with her is like staying at a resort where you lay by the pool overlooking all of LA.  We did almost nothing but it was exactly what I wanted to do.  I laid in bed without being poked by a little one, I read by the pool, I didn't have to feed or bathe anyone besides myself... you get the picture!

One of our only outings was to Terranea for dinner.  It's a gorgeous resort on the coast with amazing views and cuisine.  If you're ever in the SoCal area you have to check it out.

Emily started Kinder-Soccer a couple of weeks ago and Kevin is the coach!  Emily couldn't be more excited that her daddy is the coach and that her teammates are her friends from class.  The first game was so much fun to watch; it was lots of laughs watching Kevin try to herd cats.  Emily got the concept and kept up so we were very proud of her.

We're squeezing in as much lake time as possible.  The girls can't get enough of the boat flying on the water and doing tricks on the jet skis.  Why can't it be Summer forever?!?!?

Although my season of choice is Summer I am having to think about cooler weather wear.  Silver lining to the changing of the!!!  I'm adding sweaters, booties, and new jeans to my online shopping carts and wanted to share my favorites with you.

OMG if you need a good laugh please watch this!  I've only seen this a dozen times and I laugh so hard each time.  Steve Harvey is just too funny; I love this show!

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