Our Blessed Christmas - 2017

I've already shared all of our magic during the Christmas season but I can't help but share all of the cuteness and love of a family captured in our pictures during Christmas.  The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is the true reason for the season and reflecting on that gift and the presence of loved ones can not compare to the presents.  We were extra blessed this Christmas with the presence of our Papa who has been in a group home for a couple of months.  He was able to come home to spend Christmas Eve with the family and watch the excitement of all the kids.  It's a Christmas I'm sure we will always cherish.  

We always come home and read, "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and place out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

We actually had to wake Madi up to open gifts from Santa, which is crazy weird for her.  The girls were filled with the magic of Santa and were such a joy to watch open gifts.  I so cherish these ages because everything is so much more exciting.

Triplets for the win!

I clearly planned for me and the girls but not Kevin and well I guess we like plaid!

I hope everyone's Christmas was as blessed as ours.


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