Merry & Bright- Christmas Season 2017

The Christmas Season is such a magical time of year that is second to none.  The season was jam packed for us but full of fun, laughter, family, friends and a whole lot of Christmas spirit.  We celebrated Christmas with Kevin's dad, sisters and our families early in December at our home.  We enjoyed the day together eating lunch, opening gifts and playing silly games.

My mom and I have a tradition of sneaking away to the city in December for a girls trip.  We did a bit of damage shopping but spent most of our time eating our way through the city.  The highlights included the views from The Top of the Mark, the dinner at Nob Hill Cafe and again the lunch view at The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus.

One of our Christmas traditions is Pajama Polar Express night where we load up in the car with our pj's on, hot chocolate and popcorn while looking at Christmas lights and singing carols.  The dolls joined us this year:)

Emily's class celebrated the season with a Happy Birthday Jesus party and I was thrilled that I was able to attend because seeing Emily's joy is everything!

Emily's class also participated in a Christmas program with the Kindergarten and First Grade classes along with the drama students at her school.  She looked like a little angel and sang and performed her heart out.  Emily was so blessed with a cheering crew including mom, dad, grandma, Voa Voa, great grandma and Mimi (godmother) and her biggest fan, sissy!

Another tradition of ours is decorating Gingerbread Houses.  My mom always joins in on the fun and we make an afternoon of it.

Madi's class had a birthday party for Jesus as well as a small performance of Christmas songs.  Madi sang but did even more smiling.  She was so excited to have all her family in attendance.

Emily was overjoyed her "Big" friend from school was at Sissy's party.

Madi has talked about a boyfriend from week 1 of school and honestly talks about him several times a week.  To say she is smitten is an understatement!

Another Santa sighting at church made the girls very happy.

Our friends invited us to walk down Candy Cane Lane and another set of friends invited us for a hayride down the Lane.  We participated in both because who can get too much Christmas?!?!?  The girls will all bundled up but their smiles did most of the warming that night.

I shared more of our Christmas fun HERE in case you missed it.


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