Personalized Christmas Gifts from Shutterfly

Tis the season of giving.  It's such a special time of year with a different spirit in the air.  It's always fun to get a gift but I take an extra special joy in giving a gift from the heart.  For that reason I love giving personalized gifts that have extra meaning.  As much as I love picking out gifts I also am a very busy lady so one stop shopping is like the holy grail.  I've used Shutterfly for years for finding the perfect gifts for nearly everyone on my list.  I've rounded up some ideas to share with you to give you some inspiration and make your shopping that much easier.

For starters I make an Excel list of everyone I need to buy for.  As I come up with ideas I put it in their row and I bold the item once I've bought it.  This is how I keep track of all my gift buying and giving.  Once I have everything organized I start coming up with ideas.  Hopefully this list helps you with your shopping. 

Magnet- Stocking Stuffer
Desktop Plaque- Husband, Dad, Godfather
Desk Calendar- Mother, Grandmother, Godmother
Coasters- Stocking Stuffer
Puzzle- Grandmother
Travel Mug- Grandfather
Santa Plate- Kids, Niece/Nephew, Goddaughter/son
Necklace- Aunt, Sister, Sister in Law, Godmother, Friend

One of the reasons I've used Shutterfly for so long is because it is so intuitive and user friendly.  Making these personalized gifts on their site is simple and very quick.  An item like a calendar takes me a little while longer but everything else is drag, drop and order.



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300x250 NC Free PB 2017

Items received in exchange for this post but hand chosen by me.  As always my opinions are honest and my own.


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