Pizza Making Birthday Party with CPK

I've always hosted our kids birthday parties at my house which I've always enjoyed but let's be real they are a lot of work.  You have to clean, prep, set up, cook or bring all the food in.  Then your house becomes a zoo and then you have to clean it ALL up.  For Emily's 6th birthday party I wanted to look for a place that would still keep all the fun and cuteness but alleviate all the prep work for me.  We decided on a pizza making party at California Pizza Kitchen.  We had never attended a party there but after speaking with Kelly the local GM I knew this would be great. But boy were my expectations exceeded; it was amazing!

A party first starts with an invitation and I found the most adorable invitation from Ciao Bambino DesignsJeniene was wonderful to work with; accommodating, efficient and kind.  The details were so adorable and the verbiage equally creative and cute.  Jeniene is a super mom who is super busy and has ran her small business for 10 years.  I love supporting a driven mom-preneur.  Ciao Bambino Designs offers some of the cutest options I have ever seen.  Items from gift tags, invitations, banners, cupcake toppers, thank you cards and much more.  I was extremely happy and would totally recommend Ciao Bambino Designs.

CPK had the table all set when I arrived providing the pizza boxes to decorate, chef hats, and activity book with crayons.  I added an apron and pizza cookie for favors to the table.  The pizza cookies were absolutely adorable and just as delicious as they were cute.  They were such a hit among everyone young and old(-ish).  Kaja Kreations created these cookies for Emily's party without any direction other than I just want a pizza cookie.  She is so creative and a joy to work with.  I've used Kaja Kreations in the past and I'm always blown away with what a great job she does.  The aprons I ordered from Amazon.  They were simple but cute and added lots of color to the table.

Both of my little chefs were busting with excitement for the party!

Once everyone arrived Kelly took the whole group on a tour of the entire restaurant.  Kelly was so animated and wonderful with kids!  It was a fun learning experience for Emily's friends.  They started with the front of the house, went through the back of the house and kitchen and ended up on the line to make their individual pizzas.

The group was broken into two groups because we had 16 kids.  One half stayed with Kelly to make their pizzas and the other went back to the table to color their pizza boxes.  Did I mention the parties are held before they open so you have the whole place to yourself?  It's a really nice touch.  After the first group is done making pizzas they switch.

It wasn't just throwing a pizza together, again Kelly was so amazing with the kids and made it a fun learning experience.

Once all the kiddos are done decorating their boxes they put them on display in the restaurant for the day.  Kids have the option of taking them home immediately, coming back the next day or leaving them there.

After all the kids chowed down the birthday girl got a hot fudge sundae with a candle and after singing Happy Birthday all the kids got a sundae.  This was such a nice touch that I didn't have to bring in dessert, saving me the time, money and the headache.

After a little sugar the party wrapped up with lots of hugs and smiles.  After having Emily's birthday party at CPK I have a feeling I'm not going to want to host a home party again, lol!  It made life so simple and we absolutely did not sacrifice any bit of fun.  I can not say enough good things about CPK and their pizza making party.  

It means a lot to me for my followers to support the businesses I work with.  I only give a recommendation if I truly feel positively about a product, company or service.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and my own.


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