Jackson's Birth Story

Baby boy is closer to two months than birth so I figure it is time to finally share how he entered the world.  As I've shared before we always said we wanted three children but to ask us again after two.  It wasn't too long after Madison was born that Kevin said he was ready for a third.  I on the other hand was absolutely not ready and needed some time.  Last year I started feeling the urge and was pushed over the edge when my best friend got pregnant with her third.  It took us a little longer than it did with the girls so by the time I got pregnant I realized how much I really wanted a third baby.  Even when I was completely overwhelmed with the girls I never felt "done" and our family didn't feel quite complete.  So we were all very excited when we found out that a third baby would be joining our family.  Finding out it was a boy was a complete shock and even until his birth it felt surreal.

On September 26th I had an appointment with my OB and after checking me he said I was very ready and very likely would not make it to my appointment on October 1st.  I was having contractions for many many weeks and they continued regularly that last week.  I seriously thought he was going to come but I ended up at my next appointment on October 1st.  I was checked again and my doctor said, "Okay I will see you at the hospital."  I was fully effaced and between 3 and 4 cm dilated.    Once Kevin got home and grabbed his things we headed to the hospital.  I had to wait a little while for my doctor to arrive to break my water (1:00 pm) and shortly after I got an epidural.  Breaking my water was quite painful but not the end of the world and other than that I wasn't in a ton of pain before getting my epidural.  Unlike my first two labors my epidural took a little while to start working.  I didn't need Pitosin but my labor didn't fly by like I was hoping, lol.  Early evening I was finally ready and little man arrived at 5:56 pm.  With Emily I had to push for 2.5 hours, 45 minutes with Madison but only 15 minutes with Jackson.  He was my biggest baby but easiest delivery.  He weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 20 inches long.

Our first night was to be expected but at 24 hours they tested the bilirubin levels and Jackson's were high; high enough for him to need light treatment.  The baby has to lay under the lights with only a diaper so no swaddling.  That night was such a nightmare because he startled every 2-4 seconds and started crying.  We took turns staying awake and holding a binkie in his mouth.  It was so difficult to not comfort and hold him and get no sleep at all.  He also was choking throughout the day but it got worse through the middle of the night.  It got so bad that he had to have his stomach pumped. Luckily the next day his levels went down enough to go home late in the day.

At 4 days old his labs were not great but ok but at Jackson's 1 week appointment his doctor felt he needed to get more lab work and we received a call shortly after getting home that he needed to be admitted to the hospital.  At this point I wasn't totally freaked out; I had NO idea how serious jaundice could be.  When we arrived at Valley Children's Hospital they put him under the lights again and said they needed to draw labs again.  I asked them not to because he had them just a few hours before.  They said they still needed a base line and thank God they did because we learned his numbers rose very quickly in just a few hours.  Holding him down for over 30 minutes while they tried to get an IV in him and more labs was nearly unbearable.  Another hour or so later they did more labs and his number was 24.9.  The doctor said he needed to be transferred to the NICU and to be prepared for a possible blood transfusion.  He said at 28-30 brain damage may occur so at this point we started to freak out.  Also at this time Jackson started to slow down his breathing and wasn't responding, crying, etc.  I don't even want to share where my mind was going.

In the NICU he was hooked up to several machines, on oxygen and under enough bulbs to light a house.  He was put on formula only and I had to pump every 2-3 hours.  The worst part was not being able to hold him.  Think of when your baby gets a cut and they come to you for comfort.  When my baby was hurting I couldn't do the most basic of comfort.

There was lots of testing but no answers.  However, the serious issues were ruled out.  After 48 hours Jackson's numbers were low enough to go home.  In that short two days it was such a roller coaster and such a humbling experience.  The outpouring of love, support and prayers were completely overwhelming.  Our friends and family were truly amazing and we couldn't have done it without them.

After being discharged we still lived at the pediatrician's office and in the lab at St. Agnes Hospital.  Just last week we finally got the final clearance that he didn't need any more blood work.  We are so thankful that baby Jack Jack is healthy and for the doctors and nurses that took care of our sweet boy.  Now we are battling acid reflux but we will get through it.

We are so blessed and our family is now complete.  Jackson was the final piece to the puzzle and he found his spot in our family immediately.  We are all so in love!

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