Boo Brunch-Halloween Party

I celebrate every holiday with a brunch or breakfast.  Sometimes it's to kickoff the season and other times it's on the actual holiday.  I think every time I create a new holiday celebration I think it is my favorite one.  But this one is really high up there; takes the cake!!!!  

Most of our holiday celebrations are breakfast but this one was a brunch because I wanted to do more lunch food.  The menu included mummy quesadillas, spider donuts, ghosts chips, monster teeth and ice cream sandwiches, and ghost milk.  

To make the mummy quesadillas the only additional "ingredient" are candy eyes.  Otherwise you just need the normal supplies.  Instead of placing a tortilla on top like usual you cut them into strips.  Make your strips fit like a puzzle.  Microwave to melt cheese and then add candy eyes.

You can find ghost chips as most grocery stores. I put them in Re-Play snack cups, which I love because they add pops of color.  Speaking of color I kept this brunch black, white, pink and orange.  The traditional Halloween with a twist of girly!

Ghost milk is just milk in a glass jar.  I used a  dry erase marker to draw a jack-o-lantern on the front.

To make the monster teeth, cut a large slice of apple and then slice a V out of the center.  Don't cut all the way through.  Add PB and marshmallows to the center.  For the monster ice cream sandwiches you just add ice cream between two cookies and then add candy eyes all the way around.

The spider donuts are mini chocolate donuts with two M&M's for eyes and half of a traditional pretzel cut in half.

I always have the cutest little guests at my holiday celebrations!  Their smiles bring me such joy.  My wish is that they remember these celebrations from their childhood with warm memories.

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