Fun Christmas Food & Gifts for Kids

'Tis the season for fun and festive food.  I love seeing how excited the kids are to see my latest food creations.  Cinnamon rolls are a fan favorite around here and there are so many options for every holiday.  These were Cinna-reindeer and couldn't have been easier to make.  You bake cinnamon rolls as usual and top with candy eyes and a red candy nose.  I used the plate to attach paper antlers but you could also use pretzel to make edible antlers.

In continuing with the reindeer theme this treat board has lots of different reindeers.  Reindeer brownies are assembled with twist pretzels, candy eyes and a red hot for a nose.  The reindeer rice crispy treats were made in a circle pie pan and then cut into triangles.  I used chocolate dipped pretzel for ears, m &m's for noses and candy eyes for the eyes.  The reindeer donuts use the same "ingredients" but I cut the twist pretzels in half for these antlers.  For a slightly healthier treat/snack I made reindeer celery sticks.  You top a celery stick with peanut butter, a red hot, candy eyes and a twist pretzel cut in half.  The last reindeer was made from mandarins.  I hot glued googly eyes, a red hot and pushed the pretzels into the mandarin.

Another holiday breakfast idea are Stacked Christmas Tree Pancakes and Snowman Bananas.  To make the Christmas tree you need to add green food coloring to your pancake batter.  Make pancakes as usual but on a low heat setting so you don't turn the pancakes brown.  Make different sizes starting with large and making each one a bit smaller.  Stack the pancakes and top with a raspberry and powdered sugar.

For the snowman you cut a banana in half.  Place a red m&m for the nose and black frosting for the eyes.  Use a strawberry topped with a mini marshmallow for the hat.

Santa Claus pancakes are super cute.  Make regular pancakes and top with chocolate chips for eyes, a raspberry for a nose and several sliced bananas for a beard.  Use whip cream and strawberries for Santa's hat.

To make reindeer pancakes you need pancakes, bacon, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and a strawberry.  When making pancakes you need 1 large circle, 1 small circle and two ovals.  Assemble as you see below.

For Christmas Tree waffles make sure you die your batter green first.  Use a low heat setting to cook the waffles otherwise they will turn brown.  You need a heart shaped waffle maker to make these Christmas trees.  Once cooked layer on top of each other and cover in powdered sugar.  Use raspberries as ornaments.  You could also use m&m's as ornaments.

It wouldn't be the Christmas season without a cup of hot chocolate.  I made this extra special with a chocolate dipped rim topped with sprinkles.  On top the of the hot chocolate is of course whip cream and sprinkles, finished off with a candy cane and fun straw.

To kickoff every season I love giving the kids these "Stacks."  They usually consist of holiday pajamas, a holiday book and then a small trinket.  In this Merry Stack I included a holiday plate because eating on festive plates makes each meal that much more fun.  Tie them up with cute ribbon and you have the perfect small gift to kick off the season.

I believe the wrapping of gifts is part of the present so I love making them super festive and fun.  Each year I coordinate all our wrapping paper and ribbon.  The icing on the cake are pom poms, ornaments, acrylic name tags, etc.

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