The Foreman Fix Up- House Remodel Reveal- Before & After

It's my greatest pleasure to welcome you into our remodeled home and show you around.  It's been years in the making and 19 months since we had our first design consultation.  Living through a complete renovation was nearly impossible and had its share of challenges that tested our family in every way.  Seeing these photos almost takes that sting away!!!  I almost can't believe the transformation and it's a safe bet that you won't believe it's the same house.  Come take a peak....

Our home was built in 1978 and had so many spaces that weren't well utilized.  We loved the bones of our house, the neighborhood, our neighbors and our location but the house didn't function well for us.  The aesthetics of the house were also getting extremely dated.  We had talked about a remodel for years and quarantine finally put the nail in the coffin.  Once we decided we were ready to take the plunge we knew we had to find a designer.  We wanted to take on the whole house and neither, Kevin or I are gifted in this department.  I actually did my designer search on IG and immediately fell in love with Hayley of HLC Studio. It only took one consultation to realize she was going to be a great fit for us.  Fast forward to our design presentation and there were only 3 elements that I wanted to change out of hundreds.  Talk about hitting it out of the park.

We didn't even know what our style was but we knew we wanted something timeless and classic.  We joke about having to die in this house now so timeless was essential.  In the end, Hayley designed our home with English inspiration and a modern touch.  We are completely in love with all the details.  The mix of old and new, the mix of metals and the soft palette make it just perfect.

Now onto the Before and Afters....

Before & After: Kitchen

The kitchen is the biggest transformation!  We removed the wall between the kitchen and formal dining room, moved the garage door, closed in the breakfast nook, added a wall between a second nook and the kitchen, opened up the wall between the dining room and family room and added a wall between the dining room and hallway.  These structural changes gave us a much bigger kitchen as well as adding a pantry, butler's pantry and mudroom.  

Before & After: Breakfast Nook to Butler's Pantry & Pantry

In the breakfast nook we took out the step up, lowered the ceiling and walled it off.  This gave us a pantry and butler's pantry.  In the old kitchen I didn't have a pantry and am obsessed with this new space.  Can you say storage?!?!

Before & After: Dining Room to Kitchen

Like I mentioned, we opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room but we also added a wall so there would be a division between our daughter's new room and the kitchen.  We also opened up the wall between the dining room and family room.  Now it's an opening between the kitchen and the formal dining room.

We changed all the windows along this wall and added a Dutch door which is one of my favorite details/features of the house.  It opens up to our atrium which is our next project.  It will become an outdoor dining room.

Before & After: Family Room Nook to Office

This odd spot was part of our family room and was a wet bar for the previous owner but they removed that prior to selling and made it a media spot.  I needed a spot for an office because my previous office was being transformed into Emily's new room.  This became the perfect spot and size for my new office.

Before & After: Family Room to Dining Room

This space had some grand transformations as well.  As mentioned we walled in one side for the butler's pantry, opened up another wall, which now opens to the kitchen, and added two arches in the other wall.

Before & After: Living Room

The biggest change in the Living Room was removing the hearth around the fireplace as well as the step below it.  It's amazing how that change along with paint made this a completely different room.  It's so cozy and inviting; we love cuddling up on the couches together.

Before & After: Nook to Mudroom

This area was such a waste of space and one of the best additions.  We moved the garage door to over here and walled this in with an arch opening.  Now Kevin and the kids each have a cabinet for their stuff in the mudroom.

Before & After: Laundry Room & Powder Room

We added a wall in this space to separate the laundry room from the bathroom.  It was a great "fix" and I love our little powder room.  We also added a sink to the laundry room as well as a huge countertop over the washer and dryer.  It's been amazing for folding and separating laundry.  Another fave feature is the drying rack over the counter.  I use it several times a week!

Before & After: Master Bedroom

Just some paint and flooring in our Master Bedroom but it's like a hotel retreat now!  Don't mind the laundry I needed to put away as Hayley was taking before photos.

Before & After: Kid's Bathroom

The kid's bathroom had quite a few changes including tearing out the bathtub, refacing the cabinets, new sink, new countertops, new flooring, new tile in the shower and all new hardware.  Kevin didn't want to tear out the bathtub but I'm so happy we did; it's a massive transformation!

Before & After: Jack's Room

We added vertical paneling in Jack's room and painted it a bold Hunter Green.  I'm obsessed with his big boy room.  After 6 months in a pack n play the kids loves his big boy bed and having his own space.  He asks to play in his room all the time and I just love it.

Before & After: Girl's Room to Madison's Room

The girls have shared a room was about 5 years and it was fabulous for a period of time but Emily was getting to an age where she needed her own space.  We were thrilled that the remodel allowed for this to happen.  The girls room became Madi's big girl room and it's absolutely dreamy.  Vertical paneling and wallpaper give it subtle character.  One of our favorite items is Madi's desk that belonged to Kevin's great grandfather that we had repainted.

Before & After: Office & Guest Room to Emily's Room

We converted my old office, guest room and "gym" (read: never used) to Emily's room.  We added vertical paneling from floor to ceiling and changed the flooring.  It's a fabulous tween room and Emily is loving it.

Before & After: Entry Way

Over and over I'm blown away what some paint can do to transform a space!!!  Paint, flooring and decor made the entryway bigger and brighter.  We also changed out the glass in the front doors and whoa!!!!

As you can see I wasn't kidding about Hayley knocking it out of the park!  She took a few ideas, created a vision and executed it beautifully.  There is zero chance we could have done this without her.  She also was the therapist and sounding board for all the heart aches and bumps in the road.  Remodeling a house during COVID is not for the faint of heart but in the end we are so grateful and thankful to be in such a beautiful place we get to call home.

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