The Andy Cohen Diaries

I just finished reading The Andy Cohen Diaries.  I was super excited to read this since Andy is the EP for the Housewife franchises and has an up close and personal relationship with the housewives.  In the end I was a little disappointed.  I wanted WAY more dirt about the housewives.  He mentions them a handful of times but nothing super exciting and the exciting dirt he doesn't name names, BOO!
This is a diary of one year of Andy's life.  He is a major name dropper (of mostly B, C, D list people), a total pot head, obsessed with Andy Warhol, major commitment-phob, obsessed with his misbehaved dog, and a total party goer.  It was a lot of the same- I went to dinner with the same people as the night before, I ate pot candy, I walked my dog, I checked into Tinder, etc. etc.
I just have to say he is major in love with his ex and now best friend Bruce.  I wanted to scream the whole time, "get off the pot (toilet, not weed) and be with him!"
I still love Andy, watching all of the Housewives shows, and watching WWHL, just not a major fan of this book.

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