Mommy Monday-Making Baby Food

I made Emily's baby food so I was determined to do the same for Madi even though I have less times with two little ones.  I have to laugh though because I looked back at how I did it for Emily and as with most things I'm cutting corners the 2nd time around.  I wrote on the blog back when Emily was a baby, " Then I begin the process of washing, peeling, slicing, dicing, steaming, cubing, and bagging:)
I wash all the food, then use a potato peeler on the hard fruits and veggies and hand peel the softer foods.  Next I slice and dice the foods and put them in my Baby Brezza which steams and purees the food all in one.  This is a must in making homemade baby food!  After the pureeing is done I pour the mixture into ice cube trays.  After a few hours in the freezer I pop the cubes into labeled freezer bags.  When I feed Miss Em I just grab whatever cubes I want.  This makes it so easy to mix up her meals and give her a variety of flavors and nutrients."  Now my peeling is down to a minimum and I never label the bags.  After I puree them I still put them in ice cube trays but after they are frozen I just throw them in baggies.  I just combine whatever and so far she's eaten it all.  I also don't buy organic food; I'm leaning towards it's all a big scheme.
This last time I made a new batch I left it chunky on purpose so Madi could start chewing and she HATES it.  She fishes out the chunks with her tongue or fingers and refuses to eat it.  She's a great eater as long as it's pureed.
I encourage those with little ones to make their own baby food there is a huge cost savings.

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