Joe and Liz's Wedding

A few weekends ago we had our dear friends, Joe and Liz's wedding at Cardella Winery.  Kevin was an usher and Emily was a flower girl.  I was coming straight from Sacramento and when I arrived Emily had made new friends and was getting her hair done.  She thought she was it!  She made a friend with someone who had her same name, Caitlyn, and Jasmine.  She was particularly fond of Jasmine because of Princess Jasmine.  Later in the night she thought she heard Jasmine in the restroom stall next to us.  When I said no it wasn't her she said, "Well then maybe Cinderella."  The stuff she comes up with cracks me up.  She also made a "new baby friend" Lily who was the other flower girl.  Lily is 18 months so Emily loved being the big girl.  She chased her around all afternoon and night telling her that she couldn't go this way or that way and to hold her hand, etc.  Emily did fabulous as a flower girl, was a bit of a pill during toasts and dinner, and a dancing diva once the music started.  She'd just walk up to a stranger and start dancing.  She's my mini me and her dancing abilities couldn't make me any more excited!
Liz was a gorgeous bride and both she and Joe looked absolutely happy.  The venue was gorgeous and everything was just perfect.  We're so happy for them to start their happily ever after and including us in such a special way on their big day.  Cheers to Joe and Liz and we were honored to be a part of it.

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