Mother's Day 2015

On Mother's Day we went to church then Em went with me to get a manicure.  After that we were planning on hanging out at home with my mom. Kevin offered to stay with the girls while my mom and I went out to lunch but I thought I couldn't be away from my family on Mother's Day but after a few crying meltdowns I decided what the heck, forget the guilt, I'm outta here. 
So as a very last minute decision my mom and I went to Pane for brunch.  It was to DIE FOR!  The food was great, super reasonable and it was sooooo nice to have a meal without feeding two other mouths and there was no crying or whining the whole meal!  After brunch we came back to my house and we all hung out by the pool.  It was the perfect afternoon.

After naps we headed to my mother in laws to celebrate Mother's Day and Kevin's grandmother's birthday.  We had a yummy meal and enjoyed hanging out with the family.

So proud of herself for climbing!

Madi had her first sweet taste on Mother's Day.  It was vanilla ice cream and she LOVED it!!  She was grabbing my hand and pulling it to her mouth to get more.

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