Madison's First Birthday

Madison's actual birthday was on May 18th which was before her birthday party.  To celebrate her big milestone we had the grandparents over for Chinese food and cupcakes.  Madi was a tad slow in discovering her cupcake but once she got a real taste she was hooked and tore into it.  She loved it and we ended up cutting her off so she wouldn't get a sugar rush.  Madi also got to open her gifts from her grandparents.
I tried taking her 12 month photo and it was impossible.  In fact every photo I've tried to take in the past few weeks is futile!!!!

Happy Birthday my Peanut!  We love you so much.

This was the best I could get of the sisters.  It's so hard to get Madi to stay still and even harder to get both of them smiling at the same time.

First taste-  "hmmmmm, what is this?!?!"

"Let me share with you dad, this is good stuff!"

She has the concept down of opening gifts.  Of course the paper is more entertaining than the gift itself.

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