Fresno Friday-Leilani Shave Ice

I'm not sure when Leilani added another location but Emily and I just discovered their new spot at Champlain and Perrin.  We drove thru the parking lot and I said, "Oh Leilani has a new location."  Em says, "I ate all my lunch today so can we get some."  Me, "How do you know what Leilani's is?  For all you know it's clothing."  She thinks for a few seconds and responds, "No, they have really colorful ice cream!"  I've only taken her there once a VERY long time ago so not sure how she knows but she does.  I was cracking up.  
So we made a stop for a quick treat.  Emily had pink bubblegum and blue raspberry and I had cotton candy.  If you haven't had Leilani Shave Ice then you are missing out.  They have this location and one at Willow and Nees; check them out.

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