Bringing the Strength in the Kitchen

I bring the heat in the kitchen but I expect my husband to bring the strength.  One of his jobs around the house is taking out the garbage.  He complains that I fill up our kitchen pail everyday.  HEY, I've got 3 meals a day to make, two kids, one in diapers, so needless to say it's a messy world around here.  The trash bag needs to hold up and handle A LOT!
I'm a total penny pincher and my husband hates that I will try all the off brands to save a dime.  Well I've made the dreaded mistake in the past of skimping on the trash bags.  Like I said our trash can has to endure a lot so the bargain brands weren't cutting it.  My husband doesn't like taking the trash out everyday as it is but when they were tearing on his way out and dripping and sprawling trash between the kitchen and side of the house I was getting the stink eye.  After trying a few brands I finally came across Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags.  We no longer have to worry about rips and tears and spills because Hefty has active tear resistant technology.  I'm always a bit skeptical so I wanted to show you how well this actually holds up.  I can lift my 2 year old who weighs almost 30 lbs. in the bag and swing her around (kids don't try this at home).  There were no rips or tears when I put her down.  Funny enough she thinks it makes the perfect dress.  Hey that's a cheap toy so have at it sweetheart (I'm kidding so don't send your hate mail).  Not only is the quality fabulous but the price can't be beat either.  Hefty is cheaper than Glad and below you can even find a coupon.

Another reason I give the Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags two thumbs up is the Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizer.  I bought the Lavender & Sweet Vanilla scent and it's such a nice scent that helps deodorize all the lovely smells that are in the trash can.  I used to almost faint when I opened the cabinet door but now I'm greeted with a light vanilla and lavender scent.

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Like I said it's my husbands job to take out the trash and as this video shows using Hefty is totally worth it because your man turns into John Cena!