Words of Encouragement for Education

Living in the United States affords us so many luxuries and opportunities.  Do you ever consider education a luxury?  I know I don't really as a U.S. Citizen but if you put yourself in someone else's shoes from many places around the world education would be such an honor and a prize.
We are about a month into school even though I feel like it was just a few days ago that we were gearing up for back to school in our house.  Only one of my daughters is school age and it was so exciting to go back to school shopping for clothes and supplies.  We talked about all Emily would learn and how much fun she would have.  We talked about manners and being a good girl.  What we didn't talk about was the luxury of going to school and how honored she should be for getting the opportunity to get an education.
CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, is hosting a #SimplySaid Campaign right now sending hope to children in developing countries.  Education is the single best investment in fighting poverty around the world.  Education can be the ticket out for these kids.  But getting the opportunity for an education can be nearly impossible and even if these children get the opportunity the struggles they face are huge.  I'm joining CARE in sending support to children all over the world and encouraging them to fight the fight and hang in there.  We need to remind even our own children that education is something that can never be taken and to fight for their dreams no matter how big the struggle.

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Show your support and sign a letter of encouragement to students all over the world, click HERE.  It took less than 60 seconds for me to send my words of hope and hope that you will too.

I asked some of my favorite school aged children why they liked school and it was heartwarming to hear their thoughts.  How often do we stop to think about these things?  I feel like we take them for granted.

When CARE asked children from developing countries why they liked school their answers seemed a bit different.  They heard responses like, "inspire other girls," "teachers take care of me," and "it is a source of knowledge and success."

Start each day with a grateful heart and count your blessings each and every day.  The things we might not even consider blessings are luxuries to other children around the world.

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